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Hey there! I solve intergenerational challenges in environment, technology, and mental health. Currently based in San Fransico, CA 

My Work

My work spans oceans, space exploration, robotics, pandemics, AI, and quantum computing, tackling intergenerational challenges with advanced algorithms and big data. Notable projects include, endorsed by IOC-UNESCO, which uses hydrophone data to measure global ocean silence during COVID-19, and, which uses seismic data to assess lockdown effectiveness. I've also developed machine learning algorithms for exoplanetary atmospheres and modeled quadruple pendulums for LIGO to aid gravitational wave discovery.


I’ve built over 30 robots, rockets, rovers, and ML projects, earning recognition from NASA, CSA, ESA’s ARIEL Space Mission, RASC, and NSERC. I’ve delivered 80+ talks at prestigious conferences such as GeoPython, EuroGoos, UN Ocean Conference, SciPy, Ocean Sciences Meeting, AGU, Planetary Defense Conference, World Bank, and EGU.


Featured in media like the Toronto Star, CTV News, CBC News, and Global News, my work pushes technological and scientific boundaries.
Endorsed by IOC-UNESCO as a
UN Ocean Decade Activity


Shortlisted for the Economist Impact's World Ocean Initiative's Ocean Changemakers Challenge 2022


Canada Wide Science Fair and International Science and Engineering Fair Grand Award Winner




My Research Projects on AI, Oceans, Space

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